Daewoo Retro Mint Green Home Microwave Oven 0.7 Cu Ft

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5/5 on August 18, 2016

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1,203 reviews


  • Excellent reviews - as in 5/5 stars on Amazon!
  • Concave Reflex System (C.R.S)
  • 4 Auto cook menu
  • Two-way defrost
  • Zero Standby Function
  • 5 microwave power levels up to 700W


  • Can't be a reliable clock as it powers down when not in use


This green Daewoo retro microwave is one of our favorite microwaves by far. It not only works flawlessly and is easy to use, but it is one of a kind that you will not find anywhere else. And it's extremely energy efficient - who doesn't love to save money?

The Daewoo Retro Mint Green Home Microwave Oven – Ideal For Every Kitchen

With a stylish, fashionable and retro design from the 50’s Daewoo has set itself apart from other home microwave manufacturers. The Daewoo green microwave offers your family and your home today’s technology with a clever classic design everyone will love.

This is an adorable piece for any kitchen and very easy to use the microwave.

It’s incredibly energy efficient as only a 700w microwave!

Thankfully, the instructions for use are not complicated in the least bit.

Did we mention how it’s super energy efficient? It uses no power when not in use – save money on your energy bill every month from now on!

Here are the dimensions: Width: 17.6″ Height: 10.6″ Depth: 12.7″. Not too big, yet not too small.

Every home is unique, and every kitchen microwave is exceptional.

Every kitchen area deserves a special and unique range of accessories and infrastructure that will not only adore the area but will also help the person preparing our food to do his or her work quickly.

Every homemaker has some particular ideas when it comes to plan or design their kitchen. The similar flood of ideas and influences can be seen when they plan to equip it with important products, cooking ranges and electronic devices.
The number of the goods your kitchen should consist has no limits to it. The market is also flooded with several varieties of items, differing in their design, décor and their color. The variety of choices is available for the people to choose the product according to their taste, the interior of their kitchen and of course their requirements.

One of the most typical products of every modular kitchen is the microwave oven. The presence of this product defines the modern and always-in-a-hurry lifestyle of the people, and it also gives them the liberty to try out a variety of cuisines at their home.

Daewoo Retro Mint Green Home Microwave Oven is a favorite item in the microwave oven category. Its color is its first striking feature, which is making people woo about it. The mint green color is pleasing and eye-soothing, and it promises to fit in every kitchen, irrespective of its theme, design or interior. The pleasing color enhances the overall appeal of this product and has become a favorite of a lot of people.

Apart from its color, the Conclave Reflex System or the C.R.S, which helps the wave to concentrate equally on all parts of the food item, is yet another feature that keeps this product ahead of its competitors in the market. The more advanced and high-tech this system is the more guarantee you will receive about preparing even and quick food. Daewoo promises to offer the best to you, and thus its C.R.S is always advanced and up-to-the-mark.

The green microwave oven from Daewoo is also equipped with other features:

  • Zero Standby Function
  • two-way defrost
  • five microwave power levels up to 700W
  • Four auto cook menus, which never fails to excite the food-lovers.

Equipped with every latest features and characteristic, this is a product that is grabbing the attention of the market and is preferred over others. It promises to enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen, ease the life of the person cooking, helps you to taste several cuisines (depending on your culinary skills) and on top of all, it assists excellently in cooking even and quick food.

Whether you are looking for a fantastic gift option or you are ready to buy a green microwave for yourself, this is just the perfect and ideal choice for you. Fitting perfectly within your budget, this product gives you every liberty and fulfills every function that you expect.