Daewoo Small Retro Microwave Oven Creme White

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4.7/5 on August 26, 2016

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1,203 reviews


  • Perfect Retro Style
  • Energy Efficient
  • Excellent Price
  • Great Reviews
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Use


  • No clock
  • Small Microwave, cannot place large plates inside
  • No rubbery feet, may slip around on some counters
  • The provided cord for supplying power is not that long. So, you may need an appropriate extension cable.
  • The microwave doesn’t display time while in standby mode.


Overall, this is one great microwave. Not only are the looks impressive but it is reliable, energy efficient, and inexpensive. It even feels very well made and is extremely easy to use. Just don't rely on it to tell time. And if you have slippery countertops, you'll have to get some non slip pads for it.

White Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven Review: Must Read Before Buying

Daewoo Manufacturer Company is famous throughout the world for its premium quality microwave ovens. Daewoo produces a vast range of microwave ovens, starting from mini models to large 31-liter ovens. Daewoo is widespread among cooks and chefs for their top quality products. The quality of the microwaves varies from model to model, but most of the microwave ovens have received a proper appreciation from the buyers around the world.

This cute white retro microwave completes any modern kitchen with a touch from the past. This microwave takes the best features of retro aesthetics and combines them with 21st-century technology to make a great microwave that will last years. It is perfectly compact to clear room on your counter space for other kitchen gadgets or prep room. These microwaves are great for dorms, home kitchens, small apartments, and even tiny homes!

Why are Daewoo Microwaves a Good Choice for You?

There are many microwave companies out there in the market. But all of them don’t offer a vast range of microwaves to select from like Daewoo. Daewoo offers various types of microwave ovens ranging from small size to large size.
Every customer has their own needs. Someone needs a small microwave oven for occasional heating, while another may need an excellent combinational oven. If you are a cook or chef, you may prefer a large microwave oven. The good thing about Daewoo is, they can provide just the microwave you need. As they have an extensive range of microwaves, you can select the one you prefer quite easily.

Whether you are looking for a cheap small oven or a large grill microwave oven, Daewoo can suit your needs. An important thing to keep in mind is, all Daewoo microwave ovens are not the same. So, before thinking of buying a particular model, do your research. See what other buyers have said about it. You should also pay close attention to the features and specifications of the specific model that you are interested of. After keeping all these things into consideration, you should go for buying a Daewoo microwave oven.

The Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven (700 W, 0.7 cubic feet, crème white) is a stylish solo model produced by Daewoo. It has gained quite a popularity among the customers. The microwave oven offers 700-watt power output. It has four auto cook menu sets; two way defrost system, zero standby function along with five power levels reaching up to 700 W. The color of the microwave oven is crème white. Let’s find out how it performs during cooking!

With this retro microwave, you will never have to sacrifice style over function.

This adorable microwave is more powerful than it looks. It has five programmed power levels, with the highest being 700 watts. That is high enough to cook a TV dinner and yet gentle enough not to burn it. With higher wattage microwaves, it is easy to burn your food, cook it unevenly, and use way too much power. With our microwave, these will be problems of the past.

This white microwave has a slightly cream color and slick and glossy finish that will perfectly coincide with any kitchen decor. It has a sleek stainless-steel retro handle that is a pull to open on the front, and a 10-inch glass turntable included on the inside. The light inside of the microwave has a power-saving feature and only comes on when the microwave is in use and not when the door is open. The outside is also decorated with a minimalist approach to settings. It is easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

This microwave comes with a popcorn function that is programmed to microwave by weight. It also has a defrost option. This defrost option can be done by weight or by time, depending on your needs. This white retro microwave also comes with five preset cooking settings to get perfect results every time.

There is a beverage setting that will zap your cold drinks according to ounces to be just the right temperature to drink. There is a soup function that works according to how much you have to get a perfectly tasty soup that doesn’t boil over. With our baked potato setting, all you have to do is enter the number of potatoes being cooked, and you will have freshly baked potatoes in minutes. The fresh vegetable setting will perfectly steam your vegetables, and the frozen vegetable setting will thaw and steam them to deliciousness.

One way this microwave is retro not only in looks but also the way it functions is the turn knob to control your time setting. These knobs were used back when the microwave first made its way into every American’s home, and now they are making a comeback. With a gentle glide of your fingers, you can easily adjust the time cook settings. Turning left will bring the cooking time down, and right will bring it back up.

A key feature is the zero standby function. Standby means that your microwave will not be sucking electricity and driving up your utility bills when not in use to light up a clock on its display. It is common knowledge that the average household loses 5-10% of their electrical charges by keeping appliances plugged in all day. We have put an end to that with our zero standby function that prevents electricity from being leached when not in use.

This microwave uses very little power with its design. Most college dorms don’t allow appliances that use more than 15 amps to prevent fires. This microwave is perfect for all college students because it only uses a measly 9.5 amps! These 9.5 amps are uniquely designed to avoid burned food and to conserve energy: no burning, compact, and no confiscation by the dorm patrol. Your college student will be happy and at home with this live-in addition.

All of the standby, stop, start, and time adjusting knob is made with a chrome finish. When your food is finished cooking, you will hear a retro beep like people used to use back in the earlier days when the microwave first gained popularity. This beep was the new “come and get it” bell. Finished with a three and a half foot long power cord, you can put your new retro microwave anywhere you want.

Microwave Specifications:

  • 12.7 x 17.6 x 10.6 inches on the outside
  • 9 14/16 x 8 x 10 3/4 inches on the inside
  • 9.5 amps used when using this product (great for dorms)
  • 10-inch turntable included
  • The microwave weighs 23.5 pounds
  • 3 1/2-foot-long power cord

Key Features:

  • Cream white color with stainless steel and chrome fixtures
  • Outlook and Design: The color of the Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven is crème white. It offers an attractive design with a retro outlook which helps it stand out from other bulky, normal-looking microwave ovens.
  • Made from steel and plastic
  • Delivers up to a 700 Watt power rating which ensures quick cooking
  • 5 reprogrammed auto cook settings so that you can control the amount of heat and cook food with more control.
  • Two-way defrost capability
  • Zero standby (No clock display to conserve power)
  • 5 power level settings
  • Compact for all spaces
  • There are four auto cook menu sets
  • Makes for a great gift
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty available per request
  • Comes with a Digital Display interface system
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • This microwave also has the awesome technology of the Concave Reflex System (C.R.S) which is a more efficient emission to ensure that food is cooked quickly, evenly, and thoroughly.

To offer this retro look, the manufacturers have made the corners if the oven rounded along with a grooved handle. The handle has a patch of black color on the crème white body. Besides the handle, there is a smart LED display system. Along with it are some knobs to control the time, temperature and other things. All in all, the microwave oven instantly reminds you of a 1950’s American diner. If you are not a fan of white color, then you may rethink this microwave oven. But if you are a retro-style lover, you should give this microwave oven a go.

Cooking efficiency: As mentioned earlier, the Daewoo retro microwave oven delivers 700 watts of power. It has five power levels for controlling the amount of heat. This high energy cooks food very efficiently spending little time. As a result, your cost reduces the right amount too. Five power levels are included with the microwave oven. This gives you the ability to cook different types of foods in different heats and manners. You can control the amount of heat depending on if you are defrosting, reheating or preparing food.

However, the microwave supplies the right amount of power, it isn’t necessarily all about the power though. That’s why Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven has concave reflectors inside it. This structure helps to spread the heat throughout the food evenly. Moreover, there is a dual heating system to ensure that every bit of food is cooked perfectly.

Why should you choose Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven?

  • The compact design of the microwave saves space, and it is also very adorable.
  • Well-designed interior ensures adequately cooked food every time!
  • It is the only microwave oven that gives the perfect retro look!
  • Very easy to use control knobs along with an LED display system.
  • Considering the money, it is very much price efficient. It cooks very quickly, so you save a great amount of money.
  • There is a ventilation grate both on the left side and the rear part of the microwave.
  • The door handle, comparing with push-button doors, is easy to operate.

The Daewoo Retro Microwave oven is an excellent model manufactured by Daewoo. By choosing it, you will get a good retro looking microwave oven with full power control spending next to nothing money. A broad range of handful features such as auto-cook menu sets, dual defrosting systems and easy control knobs make this model stand out among others. So, if you are looking for a retro-designed compact microwave oven, I highly recommend Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven.

This retro white microwave is all-around a perfect gift. It is small, efficient, and adorable. Your wife will love it, your old soul college student will appreciate it, and it will bring back fond memories to your mom. This microwave is an excellent gift for all occasions; birthdays, wedding gifts, college presents, anniversary, or just because.

When purchasing this for a gift, we recommend that you contact us for an exclusive manufacturer’s warranty. Our standard warranty only lasts 30 days, so to be covered you will need an extended warranty. Daewoo products are made from the third-largest appliance company in South Korea. Their mission is to give you quality products that are durable and functional. But, it is always best to get an extended warranty in case of a rare malfunction.

What are you waiting for? Order your new white retro microwave today and see just how beautiful it sits in your kitchen. You will love how well it works and its sleek minimalist design. Buy one for everyone you love to share the joy and excitement. This microwave really takes the best out of retro fashion and modern technology to create a new and improved microwave for everyone to share and enjoy.

This is one of the best-looking microwaves on the market, and it is the only white microwave that gets the retro look right. It is the perfect microwave for someone with very limited space. The controls are easy to use as well. This microwave opens with just pulling the handle which works very well and seems far more high quality of a microwave than the microwaves that you open with pushing a button. With this stylish retro design form ’50s, Daewoo has set itself apart from other manufacturers including a dial for time instead of pushbuttons, making everything simple. This microwave has today’s technology with a clever classic design. Food is cooked evenly and thoroughly every time while staying energy-efficient and saving you money on electric bills.