LG Counter Top Microwave Oven with True Cook Plus & EZ Clean Oven, Stainless Steel

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4.2/5 on August 18, 2016

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  • TrueCookPlus is patented technology that does all the calculations for you, ensuring the food cooks perfectly every time. TrueCook numbers can be found on leading food distributer's packaging
  • Sensor Cooking technology senses humidity levels within the oven and automatically adjusts cooking time and performance to help provide optimal heating performance
  • With the new EasyClean interior, you can have quick and high performance cleaning inside and out without using chemicals
  • Round Cavity optimizes interior microwave oven space with no hard edges which makes for easier cleaning
  • Core features: child lockout and turntable
  • TrueCookPlus does the thinking for you. You can forget about vague microwave directions, simply enter the food item code found on the label of your favorite food and the microwave oven does the rest
  • The curved interior design maximizes the size of the 16" turntable to accommodate large, round cookware and increases the usable cooking area
  • The EasyCleanTM Coated Round cavity in this microwave helps you easily clean the interior without using chemicals and there are no hard to reach edges
  • Sensor cooking technology senses humidity levels within the oven and automatically adjusts cooking time and performance
  • Add Time Controls makes reheats easy by adding cook time in 30 second or 1 minute increments
  • 2 year warranty
  • Energy Efficient


The energy saving feature turns the clock display off after a few minutes, so not a reliable way to tell time.


LG really put work into this microwave with lots of excellent and eye-opening features. But is the clock display turning off really saving any money?

Product Review of the LG LCRT2010ST 2.0 Cubic Ft Counter Top Microwave Oven with Easy Clean, Stainless Steel

If you are in the market for a new microwave, I don’t think there is anywhere that this product goes wrong. As a professional caterer, I prefer to buy high-quality equipment for my home and I have to say, after looking for a fault in this microwave, it’s hard to find one…

The LG Counter Top Microwave Oven with Easy Clean, Stainless Steel is a bit of a mouthful. I strongly feel that they could have come up with a slightly more catchy name. It’s hard enough as a consumer to go out to buy a microwave and not come back with a convection oven to the untrained eye. I prefer my products to state that they are what they are.

The product itself has a clean and sleek design that fits flawlessly in with my steel-themed kitchen. It looks good on the countertop as well. My old one looked like it had fallen off the back of a truck. I’d had it since I moved out of my parent’s house, and I took a sort of pride in myself that I could finally afford to replace the old piece of junk. It’s not just the design aspect; old microwaves are a bit dangerous – I should know. I’ve been there in the professional kitchen when the repair man showed up with a Geiger counter and asked if any of us were inexplicably sick. Fortunately, I still have all of my hair- but I’ve been in plenty of scenarios where I’ve looked at a friends microwave and suddenly decided I was no longer hungry… I think I might have been one of the people that fell into that same bracket… hence the update.

Why LG Microwaves Are The Best

Anyway, this is a product review, so let’s review; my favorite thing about this kit is how easy it is to clean. A little hot soapy on a sponge and you just wipe off the grime. It’s bizarre. The dirt should cook on, but it just doesn’t. I think they have put some special coating on the inside to stop it doing so. I want one for my kitchen at work; it would save me a half hour of scrubbing cooked caramel sauce from the plastic roof of a microwave at half past nine every night. The progression of all proper kitchen equipment is the same; all the professional suppliers are making a kit that is easier and easier to clean. Microwaves are extraordinary for cooking because it saves us time. Microwaves are also a great thing for customers because the chances of it harboring bacteria are slim to none.

There is something pretty special about the fact that every microwaveable product I have come across so far has had the little food code on the back that tells the microwave what it is. I tried punching in a few random ones to see what happened but I don’t think I got any right (and I didn’t want to break the thing!) You type the food code in and the microwave does everything else. It knows what temperature to cook it and for how long, and it will tell you if it needs turning or stirring. The package says there is a thermostat and humidity sensor in there that adjusts as the food is cooking. Many people may not know this, but excessive steam that comes off when preparing food is what makes your microwave work hard. If you switch your microwave oven on and the back or top gets warm, then it is done, and it’s time to buy a new one. The air filter is struggling to keep up, and eventually, your machine will overheat. Nobody wants that; I certainly wouldn’t take the risk.

Another feature I like is the shape of it on the inside. It sort of curves inwards in a full circle that gives you enough room to get even your bigger microwaveable crockery in there. It’s usually pretty difficult to find trays and pans that fit. It is the bane of my professional life. I have two ovens in that kitchen that are square… Square! Who makes rectangular baking sheets? Nobody! You turn the tray lengthways, and the stove isn’t thick enough! Excusing my rant that won’t happen with this microwave. I got the casserole dish in there without too much trouble. If you need more room for your food, you can always remove the plate from the microwave. Although, I’m pretty sure the plate will only help cook your food.

What other things do I like about it? Well, there’s a kid lock on it to stop your children playing with the microwave, which would be necessary to me if I had any kids… so the LG LCRT2010ST 2.0 Cu Ft Counter Top Microwave Oven with Easy Clean, Stainless Steel gives you a bit of piece of mind in that department. Oh, and I like the natural time button. You can preprogram it to heat up to thirty seconds or a minute by only pressing one button. It’s excellent for reheats and something I take for granted a little with my pro microwaves, I forget that it’s a new feature for standard microwaves. My old one didn’t have it though. To be fair, my old one barely had a coat of paint. It was a health hazard and has been lovingly disposed of and replaced with my new favorite kitchen ware.

The LG LCRT2010ST Counter-Top Microwave Oven has 2.0 cubic feet rounded interior with 1200 Watts of Power in a Premium Stainless Steel Finish. Get a microwave that cooks perfectly, and looks good while doing it. With our patented True Cook Plus technology, it allows you to cook your food easily, and perfectly every time. Plus, it’s equipped with EasyClean interior and a 16 inch turntable to accommodate large cookware. See, beauty and brains can co-exist, quite deliciously.