Magic Chef Small Countertop Microwave in Red

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4.9/5 on August 19, 2016

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  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity accommodates many different dish sizes.
  • 900 watts of cooking power and 10 power levels help provide efficient results
  • 5 auto cook menus for fast and easy cooking. 
  • Pre-programmed options for popcorn, frozen pizza, and frozen meals.
  • Express Cook allows you to reheat for 30 seconds at 100% (full power) by simply touching the Start / Express cook pad
  • Interior light for easy viewing.
  • Child safety lock helps prevent children from using the microwave
  • 9 in. diameter glass turntable rotates to help cook your food evenly.
  • Classic Red exterior accents your kitchen decor. Includes a clock for your convenience.
  • With a 5 star rating out of all the customer reviews, you're garaunteed to be happy with this microwave


  • A bit on the expensive side


With everyone who's purchased this microwave being happy, you know you're making a great purchase. Just expect to be paying a little more than other microwaves.

Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Review: Pros, Cons and Final Verdict

Both among home cooks and professional chefs, Magic Chef Microwave Ovens are very popular. Magic Chef is a renowned company throughout the world for their top class microwave ovens. They produce an extensive array of microwaves varying from small size to large size along with different categories. Currently, there are many models of Magic Chef Microwave Ovens in the market. All of them have received a good user experience from the customers.

This article will give a detailed review on the Magic Chef Countertop Microwave (0.9 cubic feet, red). You’ll find a comprehensive explanation on its specifications, features, pros, cons as well as our final verdict.

What Does the Small Red Magic Chef Microwave offer?

When buying a red microwave oven, most of the buyer faces the problem of not having enough options on their hand. They become unable to find the right microwave oven suitable for their need. But if you choose Magic Chef, you will quickly overcome this problem. They offer a vast range of microwave ovens from small size to large size serving all types of purposes. Either you are looking for a little oven to make popcorn or a size-able combinational oven to cook foods, you’ll find the perfect one among Magic Chef Microwave ovens.

Not every customer is same. Some are looking for large ovens while some are searching for a small one. Whichever you are looking for, there is a good chance you’ll find it among Magic Chef microwave ovens. From grill oven to combinational ovens, Magic Chef produces all of them.

Keep in mind that, not all models of microwave ovens are same. Every model has its features, specifications, pros, and cons. So, before thinking of buying a particular model, do your research. See what other customers have reviewed about it. Look for its features and see if they can suit your need. Only after performing a thorough analysis, you can think of buying that particular model.

Introduction the Magic Chef Countertop Microwave (0.9 cubic feet, red)

The Magic Chef Countertop Microwave is a small and useful compact microwave oven for cooking snacks and other easy meals efficiently. The oven supplies 900 Watts of power so that it can cook food pretty much quickly and saves a considerable amount of money. It has 0.9 cubic feet of space inside. So the oven is quite spacious.

The microwave oven offers five auto cook menu sets for faster and more comfortable cooking. There is also an auto defrosting system available for poultry, fish and of course, meat. There are also some preprogrammed options for making popcorns, defrosting frozen pizza and other meals. With this preprogrammed options, you don’t need to set any parameter by yourself at all. The microwave oven will take care of all of it.

There is also a specific cook feature which ensures quick reheating by supplying 100% power for 30 seconds. You can operate it with a single touch on the express cooking pad. It is very much cost effective as well as time useful for reheating foods.

There are also lights set in the interior of the red microwave oven. So, you can check the condition of the food from outside quite easily. The safety lock feature keeps away children from using this microwave oven. There is a rotating turntable inside the microwave oven which is 9 inch in diameter. It rotates when the microwave starts to operate, thus helps to cook food evenly from all sides. The microwave is designed with a lush, gorgeous red color. It will surely enhance the look of your kitchen.

Top-Notch Features of this little red microwave:

The Magic Chef Countertop Small Red Microwave Oven offers 0.9 cubic feet of space inside. So, it is quite spacious for many types of dish sizes. You can cook with small to different large sizes of dishes using this microwave oven.

The oven offers 900 watts of power. So, it is mighty and cooks food very quickly. There are also ten power levels. You can use these power levels to control the amount of heat. These power levels are beneficial for efficient cooking.

There are five auto cook menu sets. These auto cook menu sets offer quicker and more accessible cooking every time. All you need to do is press a button and enjoy!

There is an auto defrosting feature for poultry, fishes, and meats. It helps to defrost proteins very quickly.

You are in for a treat if you love to make popcorns or pizzas in the microwave oven. Magic Check Countertop Microwave oven offers pre-programmed options for making delicious popcorns, defrosting pizzas or other meals.

With these preprogrammed options, there is nothing between you and a delightful dinner other than a simple touch of a button.
The interior lights offer a clear and accessible view of the food from outside.

The child locks feature help to keep away children from opening or playing with the microwave oven. Thus it prevents unwanted accidents.

There is a giant turntable inside which rotates to cook the food evenly from all side. The turntable is 9 inches in diameter. So, you can place even large dishes on it quite quickly.

The lush red color of the countertop microwave oven will surely enhance the elegance of your kitchen.

Why should you buy this Magic Chef Red Countertop Microwave?

  • The magic chef countertop red microwave oven is very easy and straightforward to use. It offers a considerable array of top-notch features. The oven also vents well when cooking food.
  • The door of the oven is made of heavy plastic with a metal unit. So, it has a sturdy structure.
  • High power supply cooks food efficiently in little time, thus saving a right amount of money.
  • It is a simple, handy size microwave oven that doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • The oven is very user-friendly and offers a good value for money.

Some customers have found the oven a bit noisy when cooking food.

The Final Verdict

The Magic Chef Countertop Microwave (0.9 cubic feet, red) offers proper power wattage for quicker cooking, has ten power level options, pre-programmed buttons for more natural food and five auto cook menu sets. It may not have a large number of cooking preset options available, but as a simple and effective microwave, it surely stands out among others.


Product Depth: 14.3 in. Product Height: 11 in. Product Width: 18.3 in.

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