Samsung Countertop Convection Microwave – Stainless Steel, Black

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3.6/5 on August 18, 2016

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Just look at all those specs! This has everything, is made by a reliable brand, and is not a bad price for what it has to offer. Looks great too either countertop or built-in (cool option).


User interface can be confusing at first


This is awesome. I mean, it can be a built in microwave or countertop microwave! And the technology is Samsung at it's best.

The Samsung Countertop Microwave with Power Convection technology combines traditional convection cooking with microwave heating to deliver oven-quality food in less time.

Its PowerGrill Duo feature keeps food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, while Slim Fry technology lets you prepare great tasting fried foods with reduced fat.

The Samsung Power Convection comes with a ceramic plate and a round rack that help keep your favorite foods crispy.

This countertop microwave also features nine preset cooking options, so you can quickly and precisely cook homemade dishes, from brown rice to boneless chicken.

The Samsung Power Convection Countertop Microwave features a durable ceramic enamel interior that is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

The drop down door design of this countertop microwave offers the premium look and feel of a convection oven.

You can also purchase the Samsung Trim Kit (sold separately) to install your Samsung Power Convection Countertop Microwave on a wall or within cabinetry for a seamless built-in appearance.

Heat Food Faster and More Evenly with Power Convection Technology

Power Convection technology distributes heat thoroughly by combining traditional convection cooking with powerful hot air circulation from the side fan and from an exposed air hole in the interior roof, so you can cook food 30 percent faster and more evenly than with standard convection microwave ovens.

PowerGrill Duo Provides a Crispy Finish

The grill function of the Samsung Power Convection microwave lets you enjoy evenly browned, crispy food in just minutes. With a direct grilling element, you can toast, broil, and brown your foods with ease. It also comes with a round rack and an easy-to-clean ceramic plate for keeping foods such as pizza crispy.

Prepare Healthier Fried Foods with Slim Fry Technology

Enjoy healthier fried food with Slim Fry technology. The eight preprogrammed automatic frying settings of the Samsung Power Convection microwave allow you to prepare crispy, fried food with reduced fat.

Cook Food Precisely with Preset Cooking Options

The Samsung Power Convection microwave offers nine preset cooking modes that give you precise control over your food. These easy-to-access controls take the guesswork out of cooking everything from poultry to popcorn.

Easy-to-Clean Scratch-Resistant Interior with Ceramic Enamel

The Samsung Power Convection microwave features an easy-to-clean ceramic enamel interior that is scratch resistant and withstands daily use. The ceramic interior prevents discoloration and lets you effortlessly wipe away grease and oil from the surfaces.

Convenient Glass Touch Controls with LED Display

The glass touch controls and ice blue LED display of the Samsung Power Convection microwave add a modern touch to your kitchen, and the settings and times appear in large, clearly visible text for your convenience. This Samsung countertop microwave also features an Eco Mode button that turns off display when not in use to conserve power.